Choose the correct option and rewrite the statement:
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a. The number of electrons in the outermost shell of alkali metals is _____.
(i) 1
(ii) 2
(iii) 3
(iv) 7

→ 121

b. Alkaline earth metals have valency 2. This means that their position in the modern periodic table is in _____.
(i) Group 2
(ii) Group 16
(iii) Period 2
(iv) d-block

→ Group 221

c. Molecular formula of the chloride of an element X is XCl. This compound is a solid having high melting point. Which of the following elements be present in the same group as X.
(i) Na
(ii) Mg
(iii) Al
(iv) Si

→ Na21

d. In which block of the modern periodic table are the nonmetals found?
(i) s-block
(ii) p-block
(iii) d-block
(iv) f-block



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