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a. The period with electrons in the shells K, L and M: 29

Third Period

b. The group with valency zero: 16

Group 0 or Group 18

c. The family of nonmetals having valency one: 29

[Fluorine (9F), Chlorine (17Cl), Bromine (35Br), Iodine (53I), Astatine (85At)]

d. The family of metals having valency one: 29

Alkali Metals
[Lithium (3Li), Sodium (11Na), Potassium (19K), Rubidium (37Rb), Cesium (55Cs), Francium (87Fr)]

e. The family of metals having valency two: 29

Alkaline Earth Metals
[Beryllium (4Be), Magnesium (12Mg), Calcium (20Ca), Strontium (38Sr), Barium (56Ba), Radium (88Ra)]

f. The metalloids in the second and third periods: 29

Second Period: Boron (5B)
Third Period: Silicon (14Si)

g. Nonmetals in the third period: 29

Phosphorous (15P), Chlorine (17C) and Sulphur (16S)

h. Two elements having valency 4: 29

Carbon (6C), Silicon (14Si)


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